About Me

meI am a graduate student working on my Ph.D in Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Davis working with Dr. Holly Oldroyd. I spent 2012-2016 getting my undergraduate degree in meteorology at Iowa State University while also working as a student intern in the micrometeorology group at the National Lab for Ag and the Environment. From 2016-2019, I got my M.S. at Utah State University working with Dr. Lawrence Hipps. Now I spend my days as a graduate student researcher, working with flux towers, debugging Python code, and trying to enjoy the outdoors as much as I can!

Eagle LakeMy research interests lie mostly within the interface between the earth’s surface and atmosphere. I have broad interests within that area, but I’m interested specifically in surface energy exchanges and how to best model and measure them in heterogeneous landscapes. My current research focuses on using flux tower profiles to understand how sloping and complex terrain influence atmospheric turbulent transport. I'm also passionate about scientific programming, and I have over six years of experience using Python and various other programming languages.